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About Us

On the 15th of Oct, 2017, we set out on a journey. The Website “LootSave” was born on that day.

At LootSave you can get interesting posts regarding best deals and offers going in popular platform like amazon and flipkart. The core motive of this website is to enhance the knowledge of an individual whereas they can share it over social media to educate others regarding any topic. We have skilled writers team where they work on good content to rise the interest of our viewers.


Our web platform is highly secured and we offer relevant content with nice interface, moreover all of our viewers are free to use it without any irrelevant ads.

Why visit?

Explore wide range of deals on Electronics, Clothing, Food and many more. We upload latest deals daily with great app offers from various platforms like PayTm, PhonePe etc. Visit daily to get recent updates regarding products and be a part of it.

Terms of use

Any individual can access this site above the age of 16 years old from any country and we don’t have any tracking system to track individual user.

Does we take any personal information?

Obvious the answer is no, we don’t take any personal information of user and the terms of use is simple (just read our articles).

Sponsors are most welcome

If you want to sponsor your website or any YouTube channel or facebook Page or any product, really you are most welcome and we will product you the details of sponsor integration at admin@lootsave.com